-= F =-

Artist Stick player Title Release Info
Faze Action Jim Lampi Plans and Designs 1997 CD US Nuphonic
Moving Cities 1999 CD US Warner Brothers
Ferron Larry Tuttle Phantom Center 1995 CD US EarthBeat
Still Riot 1996 CD US
Fibre Marque Gilmore Sub Aquatic Memories 1997 CD US Tone Casualties
Tim Finn Tony Levin Tim Finn 1989 CD CA Capitol Records C2-48735
David Fitzgerald Nick Beggs Lux Aeterna (aka 'Light Eternal' in the US) 1999 CD UK ICC
Ivano Fossati Tony Levin Macrame 1996 CD US Columbia/Sony COL 484174 2
4 Free Hands Hans Hartmann Two Faces 1999 CD GR
Eastern Moods 2002 CD GR
Frameshift Nik Guadagnoli Unweaving the Rainbow 2003 CD US Progrock Records
Laurie Freelove Phil Stereopolus Smells Like Truth 1991 CD US Chrysalis F21S-21849
CD CA Chrysalis VK-41849
CD UK Chrysalis CCD-1849
CD GR EMI 321849-2
CD JA Chrysalis TOCP-6948
Freeway Philharmonic Larry Tuttle Freeway Philharmonic 1988 CD US Spindletop Records, Burbank, CA Spindletop 125
Car Tunes CD US Spindletop SPT 135CD
Road to Joy 1993 CD US Spindletop SPT 135CD
Sonic Detour 1995 CD US
French TV Mike Sary Virtue in Futility 1994 CD US Pretentious Dinosaur
Intestinal Fortitude 1995 CD US
Robert Fripp Tony Levin Exposure CD US Caroline PLCD-1557
CD GR Virgin 258449
CD JA Virgin VJD-5001
Robert Fripp String Quintet Trey Gunn Live in Japan 1992 1992 VHS US
The Bridge Between 1993 CD US Discipline Records DR9303-2

-= G =-

Artist Stick player Title Release Info
Peter Gabriel Tony Levin Peter Gabriel (2) 1978 CD US Atlantic CD-19181
Peter Gabriel (3) 1980 CD US Geffen GEFD-2035-2
Ein Deutsches Album 1980 CD UK Virgin XCDSCD 4019
Security 1982 CD US Geffen GEFD-2011-2
Deutsches Album 1982 CD UK Virgin XPGCD 4
Plays Live 1983 CD US Geffen 4102
PoV (Point of View) 1990 VHS US Virgin Music Video 3-50189
Shaking the Tree 1990 CD US Geffen 9 24326-2
Gamalon Ted Reinhardt High Contrast 1991 CD US Amherst Records
Held to the Light 1996 CD US Gertrude Music GER-9889
Grant Geissman Lloyd Moffitt All My Tomorrows 1988 CD US TBA Records, Studio City, CA TBCD241
Reruns CD US
Geist Teed Rockwell Moods of Light CA US
More Light CD US
Glueleg Carlos Alonso Heroic Doses 1995 CD CA Pure Records PE 2210-2
Pamela Golden Tony Levin Happens all the time 1992 CD US Park Avenue PA82807
Jeff Golub Tony Levin Out of the blue 1999 CD US Mesa/Bluemoon
Pierre Moerlen's Gong Michael Zylka Breakthrough 1986 CD GR
Rich Goodhart Ray Jung Affirmative Reply 1991 CD US BMP 1002
Gordian Knot John Myung, Sean Malone Gordian Knot 1997 CD Lazer's Edge
1999 CD US Sensory Records
Gorn, Levin, Marotta Tony Levin From The Caves Of The Iron Mountain 1997 CD US
Michael Gosh Michael Gosh Michael Gosh Plays The Stick 1994 CD
Street Busking Years 1996 CD
Leo Gosselin Leo Gosselin Border Crossing 1997 CD
Potpourri 2000 CD
Dream Waters 2001 CD US
Celtic Vision 2002 CD US
Gowan Tony Levin Strange Animal 1984 LP US Columbia BFC 40104
Terry Gowan Great Dirty World 1987 LP US Columbia BFC 40754
Tony Levin Lost Brotherhood 1990 CD US
Amy Grant Andy Widders-Ellis The Collection 1985 CD US Myrrh 684327
CD US Geffen GEFD-24340
CD CA Geffen REND-24340
CD UK Myrrh MYRCD-1219
CD GR Geffen GED-24340
CD JA Canyon D32Y-3073
David Grant Nick Beggs Change 1987 CD UK POLYDOR 833482-2
Green Romance Orchestra Gary Muller Play Parts 1 & 5 1997 CD US
Tom Griesgraber Tom Griesgraber A Whisper in the Thunder 2004 CD US
Todd Grubbs Sean Malone Combination UK, JA
Trey Gunn Trey Gunn 1000 Years 1993 CD US Discipline Records DR9302-2
1993 CA US
The Third Star 1996 CD US Discipline Records
Raw Power: Surfacings 1 1999 CA US First World
Untune the Sky 2003 CD US Inside Out
Guster Tony Levin Lost and Gone Forever 1999 CD US WEA/Sire/Reprise
Pascal Gutman Pascal Gutman Cascades 1997 CD FR

-= H =-

Artist Stick player Title Release Info
Steve Hahn Steve Hahn Stickburst 1993 CD US
Native American Music Meets the Chapman Stick 1998 CD US A1s
sh 1998 CD US
Hans Hartmann Hans Hartmann Swindia 1984 LP GER PLÄNE 88390
Stickstoff 1999 CD
Graham Haynes Marque Gilmore What Time It Be Muse Records
Mark Heard Fergus Marsh Dry Bones Dance 1990 US Fingerprint Records, Montrose, CA
Second Hand 1991 CD US
Satellite Sky 1992 CD US
High Noon 1993 CD US
Remco Helbers Remco Helbers On Some Road 2002 CD NL Edition Blue
Hombru David Huff, Mike Powell Ingredients CD
Greg Howard Greg Howard Whispers 1987 CA US Espresso
Stick Figures 1993 CD US
1993 CA US
1999 CD US
Shapes 1994 CD/CA US
Sol 1997 CD US
Water on the Moon 1998 CD US
Handiwork Volume 1 1999 VHS US Espresso
Greg Howard Band Greg Howard Lift 2000 CD US
Greg Howard and Tim Reynolds Greg Howard Sticks and Stones 1987 CA US Espresso
2001 CD US Espresso
Steve Howe Nick Beggs The Grand Scheme Of Things 2002 CD UK Acadia Records