-= I =-

Artist Stick player Title Release Info
icOns Steve Hahn HipGnosis - the '00 G/e Improvisations 2002 CD US Deep Chocolate Productions/Blue Monkey Music/Barking Spyder Studios CD 02071
Inclined Gene Perry Bright New Day 1993 CD US Columbia
Indigo Girls Tony Levin Swamp Ophelia 1994 CD US Sony
Ines Davide Piai The Flow 1999 CD GER Tempus Fugit
Slipping Into The Unknown 2002 CD GER Tempus Fugit
Instant Guru Dino Haak Behold the Glory 1999 CD US Instant Guru IGBG26
Live Guru CD US
Iona Nick Beggs The Book of Kells 1992 CD UK What? Records WHAD 1287
Beyond These Shores 1993 CD UK What? Records WHAD 1300
Woven Chord 199? CD UK

-= J =-

Artist Stick player Title Release Info
Jim Jacobsen Jim Jacobsen The Messenger 1990 CD US Narada/MCA ND-62011
CD GR IRS IRS 980.311
Jazz Cowboys George Soler Jazz Cowboys 1991 CD Taiwan Crystal CIRD 1011-4
Colin Jenkinson Colin Jenkinson Experience Cloud 1998 CD US Small Dog Oddio
Al Jewer and Andy Mitran Arthur Durkee Two Trees 2003 CD US Laughing Cat Records
Jibilian/Glass Gary Jibilian Galaxy Rodeo 2001 CD US Brain Core
Joanna Nick Beggs Looking Into Light 1999 CD US
Alphonso Johnson Alphonso Johnson Yesterday's Dream 1976 US Epic/CBS
Moon Shadows 1976 US CBS
Spellbound 1977 US CBS
The Best of Alphonso Johnson 1980 US Epic/CBS
Joint Chiefs Brent Needham Fat & Busy ???? CD US JCCD1
Frank Jolliffe Frank Jolliffe Solo Stick 1988 CA US
Live on ComCast 1990 CA US
Howard Jones Nick Beggs Perform '00 2000 CD US
John Paul Jones Nick Beggs The Thunderthief CD US

-= K =-

Artist Stick player Title Release Info
Michael K Michael K Severe Tyre Damage 2000 CD US
Moments 2003 CD US
Kajagoogoo Nick Beggs Islands (aka 'Extra Play' in the US) May 1984 LP/CA UK EMI
Big Apple b/w Monochromatic 1984 45 UK EMI
Turn Your Back On Me b/w The Pump Rooms of Bath (Stick Instr.) 1984 45 UK EMI
Kaja Nick Beggs Crazy People's Right To Speak September 1985 LP/CA UK EMI
Daniel Kane Daniel Kane On the Street Where You Live 1993 CD/CA US
Shadows On The Sky 1996
Blues Alley 1997
Music 4 Baby 2001
Moussa Kanoute Teed Rockwell Dance Of The Kora 1996 CD US EarthBeat
Kartuffelstampers Mathias Sorof Kartuffelstampers 2 1984 LP GR
Katsu Katsu Katsu-Stick 2000 CD US
Kevin Keith Kevin Keith The EP 2001 CD US Keith Creative Developments
Graham Kendrick Fergus Marsh Crown Him! 1992 CD Hosanna! Music
King Crimson
(see also the ProjeKcts)
Tony Levin Discipline 1981 CD US Caroline 1592
CD GR Virgin 257941
CD JA Virgin VJCP-2308
Beat 1982 CD US Caroline 1593
CD GR Virgin 257942
CD JA Virgin VJCP-2309
The Noise 1982 VHS US EGV VPV29012
Three of a Perfect Pair 1984 CD US Caroline 1594
CD GR Virgin 257943
CD JA Virgin VJCP-2310
Sleepless 1984 12 US ???? ????
1984 12 UK EG EGOX 15
Three of a Perfect Pair Live in Japan 1985 VHS JP Pack-in Video RVM-11
The Compact King Crimson 1986 CD US EG EGCD 68
CD GR Virgin 352925
Trey Gunn & Tony Levin B'Boom - Official Bootleg - Live in Argentina 1995 CD US DGM9503
Vrooom 1994 CD US
THRaKaTTaK 1994 CD US Discipline DGM9604
Trey Gunn Thrak 1995 CD UK KC CDX 1
Tony Levin Absent Lovers 1998 CD UK Discipline DGM9804
Trey Gunn & Tony Levin The Vrooom Sessions 1994 1999 CD US Discipline CLUB8
Tony Levin Live at Cap D'Agde 1982 1999 CD US Discipline CLUB4
On Broadway - Live in NYC 1995 1999 CD US Discipline CLUB5-6
deja VROOOM 1999 DVD US DGM9810
The ProjeKcts 1999 CD US DGM9913
The Deception of the Thrush 1999 CD US DGM9915
Cirkus 1999 CD UK CDVKCDY12
Live at Moles Club, Bath, 1981 2000 CD US Discipline CLUB11
Nashville Rehearsals 1997 2000 CD US Discipline CLUB13
Live in Berkeley, CA 1982 2001 CD US Discipline CLUB16
VROOOM VROOOM 2001 DVD US Discipline DGM0105
The Champaign-Urbana Sessions, 1983 2003 CD US Discipline CLUB21
Kittyhawk Dan Bortz & Paul Edwards Kittyhawk 1980 US EMI/Capitol
Paul Edwards & Randy Strom Race for the Oasis 1981 LP US EMI/Capitol ST-17053
Fanfare 1984 US Zebra Records