-= L =-

Artist Stick player Title Release Info
Dale Ladouceur and The Broke Ensemble Dale Ladouceur Brimstone and Clover 2003 CD US
Lahara Thorsten Lieder Gunahgun 2002 CD
Jim Lampi Jim Lampi TV Weather 1991 CD UK Zok Records ZCD001
Young Lions 1997 CD UK Iguana Records
Greazy 2002 CD UK Gila Records
Lana Lane Don Schiff Love is an Illusion 1995 CD US Think Tank Media TTMD-1012
Garden of the Moon 1998 CD
Live in Japan 1998 CD
Queen of the Ocean 1999 CD
The Best of Lana Lane 1995-1999 1999 CD
Ballad Collection Special Edition 2000 CD
Project Shangri-La 2002 CD
Winter Sessions 2003 CD
Storybook: Tales from Europe and Japan 2004 DVD US Think Tank Media
Land George Soler Archipelago 1997 CD US Periplum P00040
Land of Chocolate John Jens Unikorn on the Cob 2001 CD US Slipt Disc Records SDR12400-2
Laughing Stock Alex Nahas Laughing Stock (1996) 1996 CD
Laughing Stock (1998) 1998 CD
Laundry Ian Varriale Blacktongue 1994 CD Mammoth/Prawn Song MR0098-2
Eric Leeds Alphonso Johnson Things Left Unsaid 1993 CD
Ute Lemper Tony Levin Crimes of the Heart 1989 CD US Sony Music 46054
CD GR Sony Music 465676-2
CD JA Epic ESCA-5485
Juan R. Leon Juan R. Leon Fluidity 2003 CD Strada Sphere Records
Tony Levin Tony Levin World Diary 1995 CD Papa Bear Records
From The Caves Of The Iron Mountain CD Papa Bear Records PBCD2
The Tony Levin Band Tony Levin Pieces of the Sun 2002 CD US
Double Espresso 2002 CD US Papa Bear
Eliah Levy Eliah Levy Flower of Life 2001 CD US
Unity 2001 CD US
Libena and her Jazz Brothers Mathias Sorof Jazz Cocktail Volume 1 1995 CD GR Tap & Scat Records
Jazz Cocktail Volume 2 2000 CD GR Tap & Scat Records
Liquid Tension Experiment Tony Levin Liquid Tension Experiment 1998 CD US Magna Carta MA-9023-2
Liquid Tension Experiment Vol.2 1999 CD UK Magna Carta MAX-9035-2

-= M =-

Artist Stick player Title Release Info
Mike Mainieri Marque Gilmore Come Together 1995 CD US NYC
Sean Malone Sean Malone Cortlandt 1996 CD AudioImage Records
Hugh Marsh Fergus Marsh Shaking the Pumpkin 1987 CD CA Duke St. Records MCA/DSR 31043
John Martyn Jim Lampi Glasgow Walker 2000 CD UK Independiente ISOM 15CD
The New York Session 2000 CD UK One World OW113CD
Tell Them I'm Somebody Else 2001 VHS UK Pulse PUL001VC
Mary-Kathryn Fergus Marsh One Spirit 2000 CD US
Jeanne Mas Tony Levin Les Crises de l'Ame 1989 CD CA EMI Pathe P21S-91817
Lance Matthew Don Schiff While the Giant Sleeps 1995 CD
Carousel 1996 CD
Lance Matthew 2003 CD
Dave Matthews Band Greg Howard Remember Two Things 1994 CD
Before These Crowded Streets 1998 CD US RCA
Mavens Dale Ladouceur To You 1997 CD CA
Kevin Max Tony Levin Stereotype Be 2002 CD US Forefront Records
Chet McCracken Randy Strom Flight to Moscow 1990 CD US Voss Records VTP 4-72902
1990 CA US Voss Records
Melbourne Carrie Melbourne Indian Ocean 2001 CD UK Mystic MYSCD130
Night Star 2002 CD UK Mystic MYSCD159
Merge Nima Rezai Merge 2003 CD US Ginger Root MRG01
Move Groove Hans Hartmann Groove along with Dong 1998 CD GR

-= N =-

Artist Stick player Title Release Info
Amy X. Neuberg & Men Herb Heinz Utechma 1995 CD US Racer 1009
Micah Ball Sports! Chips! Booty! 1999 CD US Racer 1019
New Orleans Stick Band Dave Goodman Fear of New Shoes ???? CD US Four Cats/Radionic Records FC 1123-2
Erik Norlander Don Schiff Music Machine 2003 CD US
Gary Numan Nick Beggs Outland 1991 CD US IRS EIRSACD 1039

-= O =-

Artist Stick player Title Release Info
Oracular Dave Denis Oracular 1996 CD US
Volition and Deceptions 1997 CD US
Persistence of Vision 2000 CD US
Out of Band Experience Bill T. Miller Call Now! 1990 LP US
Oxygene 8 Linda Cushma Poetica CD
The Ozone Quartet Wayne Leechford Fresh Blood 1997 CD US Flat Five Records
Nocturne 1999 CD US Flat Five Records
Live at Local 506 2003 CD US Flat Five Records